CHOICES SALON SUITES is a salon concept that has revolutionize the very way beauty professionals do business. CHOICES SALON SUITES leases private salon suites, furnished with all of the major equipment needed to operate your business, without the usual  start-up cost associated with opening a business. Area Beauty Professionals will be given the freedom to operate your business by your rules; free from commissions and salon politics. You will be free to create the atmosphere that you have always desired, sell and use the products of your choice, charge the prices you set, and keep 100% of the profits. 

   CHOICES SALON SUITES caters to every stylist's dream of owning their own salon and you can do so with virtually no up-front financial investment. We make it quite simple for almost any beauty professional to become a business owner literally overnight. CHOICES SALON SUITES offers you the chance to truly control your destiny. All you need are your working tools, clients and a strong desire to become a business owner and you can start your own salon. Your freedom is only a phone call away.